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NEW and IMPROVED Division of Fractions


A NEW and IMROVED division of fractions activity designed to develop I have to say it..."Keep Change Flip"...algorithm.  Includes student pages, teacher pages (with answers and description of the intended thinking) and a Smartpen pencast where I provide an overview/example of the intended thinking. Note that the pencast document comes in the form of a PDF - check out this for details as you need a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat X in order to view the pencast. -

10/7/2016 Scott Adamson
5.NF.B.3 5.NF.B.7 5.NF.B.7a 5.NF.B.7b 5.NF.B.7c 6.NS.A.1 MP.1 MP.2 MP.3 MP.4 MP.5 MP.6 MP.7 MP.8 5 6 7 8 Activity