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Scatter Plot Activity


Goal: The goal of this activity is for students to see different types of correlation and recognize the patterns associated with each type of correlation. They will then have to create their own scatter plot based on directions given.

5/10/2017 Ashley Nicoloff
8.SP.A.1 MP.2 MP.3 MP.4 MP.8 4 5 6 7 8 HS Activity

Is Manute, minute?


A powerpoint presentation that can be used to introduce the topic of scatterplots and lines-of-best fit using a fun context. 

2/1/2015 Trey Cox
8.SP.A.1 8.SP.A.2 8.SP.A.3 HSS-ID.B.6 HSS-ID.B.6a HSS-ID.B.6b HSS-ID.B.6c HSS-ID.C.7 HSS-ID.C.8 MP.2 MP.4 8 HS Activity