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Linear Function Model - Blood Alcohol Content


This is the PowerPoint version of the activity related to developing a linear function model for the context of BAC.

6/15/2016 Scott Adamson
8.F.A.3 8.F.B.4 8.F.B.5 HSF-IF.C.8 HSF-BF.A.1 HSF-LE.A.1a HSF-LE.A.1b MP.1 MP.2 MP.3 MP.4 MP.5 MP.6 MP.7 MP.8 8 HS Activity

Preheating the Oven


Students use rate of change ideas to predict how long it will take for an oven to preheat to 400 degrees. The youtube video may be used to bring drama to the lesson! A link to the video is here and also in the documents.

9/8/2014 Scott Adamson
7.RP.A.2 7.RP.A.2a 7.RP.A.2b 7.RP.A.2c 8.F.A.3 8.F.B.4 8.F.B.5 MP.1 MP.2 MP.3 MP.4 MP.6 MP.8 6 7 8 Activity

25 billion apps - Dan Meyer Three Act Task


The question is simple: When should you start bombarding the App Store with purchases if you want to win a $10,000 App Store Gift card? The lesson hooks students immediately with the initial video clip of a “live” counter of current downloads showing the number approaching 25,000,000,000. The mathematics deals with modeling a linear relationship between two quantities

9/7/2014 Trey Cox
8.F.B.4 8.F.A.3 MP.1 MP.2 MP.3 MP.4 8 Video