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M & M Variablility


9/23/2016 Ashley Nicoloff
6.SP.B.4 6.SP.B.5 6.SP.B.5a 7.SP.A.1 7.SP.A.2 MP.1 MP.2 MP.3 MP.4 MP.6 MP.8 6 7 Activity

Straighten up and Fly Right!


The purpose of this lesson is to allow the students gather data in a fun way and answer a statistical question through analysis of the data.  Students will fly paper airplanes and analyze the data to determine which style of plane flies longer.

4/1/2015 Trey Cox
6.SP.A.2 6.SP.A.3 6.SP.B.4 6.SP.B.5 6.SP.B.5a 6.SP.B.5b 6.SP.B.5c 6.SP.B.5d MP.1 MP.3 MP.4 MP.5 6 Activity

Why do we need MAD?


Students will wonder why we need to have a value that describes the spread of the data beyond the range. If we give them three sets of data that have the same mean, median, and range and yet are clearly differently shaped then perhaps they will see that the MAD has some use.

9/4/2014 Trey Cox
6.SP.A.3 6.SP.B.4 MP.1 MP.2 MP.3 MP.4 MP.5 MP.7 6 Activity