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Pennies From Heaven


The focus of this activity is to describe the shape of a distribution and to describe the center and spread. Students use data they collect (penny ages) to describe the distribution by its SOCS (Shape, Outlier, Center, Spread). 

1/17/2015 Trey Cox
6.SP.A.1 6.SP.A.2 6.SP.A.3 6.SP.B.4 6.SP.B.5 6.SP.B.5a 6.SP.B.5b 6.SP.B.5c 6.SP.B.5d MP.1 MP.3 MP.4 MP.5 MP.7 6 Activity

Why do we need MAD?


Students will wonder why we need to have a value that describes the spread of the data beyond the range. If we give them three sets of data that have the same mean, median, and range and yet are clearly differently shaped then perhaps they will see that the MAD has some use.

9/4/2014 Trey Cox
6.SP.A.3 6.SP.B.4 MP.1 MP.2 MP.3 MP.4 MP.5 MP.7 6 Activity

Roll a Distribution


The purpose of this lesson is to allow the students to discover that data collected in seemingly similar settings will yield distributions that are shaped differently. Students will roll a single die 30 times counting the number of face up spots on the die and recording the result each time as a histogram or a histogram. Students will be asked to describe the shape of the distribution. Combining work with several students will yield more consistent results.

9/4/2014 Trey Cox
6.SP.A.2 6.SP.A.3 6.SP.B.4 6.SP.B.5d 6.SP.B.5c MP.1 MP.2 MP.3 MP.4 MP.5 MP.8 6 Activity