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Professional Development on Demand

The AZ Mathematics Partnership has developed a sustainability toolkit to exemplify the six key factors of the AMP shared vision for mathematics teaching and learning:

  1. The classroom culture is very student-centered.
  2. Teachers explicitly create learning experiences that promote the development of students’ network/web of deep, well-connected conceptual understandings, including content knowledge and procedural fluency.
  3. It will be evident that students adhere to well-defined socio-mathematical norms.
  4. The physical environment of the classroom will be conducive to student-centered teaching and learning.
  5. There is a professional culture among teachers that models the socio-mathematical norms expected of students.
  6. Teachers have the administrative and instructional leadership and support necessary for continuous improvement of instructional practices in mathematics.

The AMP shared vision is grounded in the six key factors. The PD on demand portion of the AMP network is dedicated to support continued professional learning to sustain the AMP vision of mathematics teaching and learning. Explore the professional learning resources and materials (Videos and Questions , Articles , Tools , and Links ) aligned to your individual and collective needs.

Download AMP Sustainability Assessment Toolkit